Chess – Clash of Kings

كم السعر, Friday, February 19, 2021

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Chess – Clash of Kings is smart entertainment for children and adults. Play online with friends and develop logical thinking aptoide

The most important features of our application:

chess apk mod

The app is free
It has 10 different levels of difficulty.
Suggestions are available to show you the most beneficial moves.
In case of error, you can use the Undo option
You can play online with your friend
It has challenges with hundreds of puzzles and lots of gold to collect.

Online – Multiplayer Mode!

Would you like to play online with a friend? Nothing is easier. Invite him to play and face the online duel.
To invite a friend to play online, send him an invitation from the application, and when he accepts it, you can compete
Play multiplayer and defeat your friends!

Chess puzzles and small games

When you don’t want to play a full game or multiplayer mode, solve puzzles. Move to a distant land, earn gold by moving around with  Knight♞ and explore other levels with hundreds of puzzles. Under each field on the board, there is a  puzzle that you must solve to go ahead and collect gold.
puzzles are quick missions to give your opponent a checkmate, in a limited number of moves.

10 levels of  difficulty

Are you a  master or just a beginner? Regardless, you will find the right level of your skills. Choose between 10 different difficulty levels, train and win. Challenge your friends with new  tactics in a multiplayer  duel.
The author of Chess Engine is a Polish programmer,  enthusiast and well-known software creator, Paweł Kozioł. Make sure the game is as

close to a multiplayer match as possible. Stockfish’s standard chess engines, unlike ours, play hard and the gameplay doesn’t seem human. Thanks to these differences, our chess app offers no less fun than playing with a friend or online.
Playing a chess app is also a great way to entertain or educate children and develop their intellectual skills.

Backward movements

chess  names apk

Are you wrong or do you want to try another tactic? Nothing is easier. Use the back button and win!


If you need a hint on the best way to make your next move, use the hint. The screen will highlight the widget and field that you must activate to defeat your opponent.
The tips will help you learn the strategies of the most successful game and will be great for beginners and more experienced chess players.
Learn new moves and like your friends when you play online.

What are the benefits of playing ?

chess king

The benefits of have been appreciated by Benjamin Franklin himself. He mentioned prevention, prudence and foresight, as some mentioned. The benefits of playing are much broader. Especially for children who regularly play , it helps to significantly increase the level of intelligence. The benefits of playing also apply to both adults and seniors.
It is popular to play all over the world: the Portuguese and Brazilians play xadrez, the French play échecs, and the Spanish choose chess.
Play chess online with your loved ones and stimulate your mind!

How to play chess
Chess pieces are a game of chess
It contains thirty-two pieces, each player has sixteen pieces, and each player has a king, queen, or minister, two elephants, two horses, two castles or two towers, and eight soldiers or pawns.
How to be the movements of chess pieces

How play chess kings

King: Move one piece at a time, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Minister: Moves in all directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) unless intercepted by a piece of the opponent’s army or the same army, so if the minister wants to move and finds the opponent’s piece, he has to eat that piece. piece and put it in place, and do not go beyond its square. It was only in other movements, and this law applies to

(castle, elephant) with different movements. Elephant: moves diagonally only with any number of squares, unless some piece blocks its path. Castle: can move with any vertical and horizontal only Horse: this piece can jump over other pieces as long as it moves in an L-shape

in English (L) in any direction and in three squares, two in a row, and the third is to the right or left, and can eat your opponent’s piece if it is on the third square only. Soldier: The soldier moves in a vertical movement with only one square, and in his first move we can move him

two squares or one square, so that he does not move horizontally, and cannot eat the opponent’s piece with his normal movement, but instead Eats the opponent’s piece if it is located to the right or north of the square in front of him. Promoting a soldier who has reached the eighth grade, and trade his owner for whatever piece he wants (shepherd, elephant, castle, horse). Finally, there is what is called repentance: the king is set apart and replaced by the castle, when the king feels in danger.

The chess game does not end except in the following cases:
Win: The victory of a competitor over his opponent, killing the king or delivering the opponent. The draw occurs in the following cases: The state of strangulation of the king: that the player is in the role of him and his king is not exposed to death, but at the same time he cannot be moved by any movement because it endangers life. Queen. Repetition: for one of the opponents to repeat his movements

three or four times. Continuous control: when the king has a space to run and the opponent repeats the control of the king, this process is repeated several times. Match Center: when two players cannot finish a game due to a lack of available pieces. When there is still a king against a king, or a king and an elephant against a king. Finally, this is rare, and is that fifty pieces move without either side taking a bite.

Download the chess game here


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