Eggs with surprise


Any child loves toys and chocolate. And if you hide a toy inside a chocolate egg - it will be the most amazing and pleasant surprise for your baby. We offer you a new game from the series of educational games for kids: "Eggs with a surprise."
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August 18, 2020
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Eggs with surprise Any child loves toys and chocolate. And if you hide a toy inside a chocolate egg, it will be the most surprising and pleasant surprise for your child. We present you a new game in the series of educational games for children: “surprise eggs”! Eggs with surprise download

chocolate eggs with surprise

In our fun game, your child must collect two games: a set of toys and a set of stickers. Each of them offers a large number of fun pictures, divided into puzzles and games that your child will have to put together before going to the group shelf. aptoide

The rules of the game are very simple:
– Choose the collection that we want to renew: images or games;
– We spin the wheel of fortune and win the prize;
– Open the envelope containing the image and collect it from Eggs with surprise several parts;
– Take out the chocolate egg, eat the chocolate and collect the toy inside.
– We send our award to the appropriate group!

This game will help distract your child, contribute to the development of fine motor skills and interest, and give your child many happy moments, especially when collecting our huge collection of toys and stickers. All you need is to download and install the game on your phone or tablet.

 eggs surprise kinder

Lots of ice cream and chocolate eggs with a surprise inside! What is hidden inside the eggs? There are many surprises and many amazing games. It’s a fun surprise egg! Open an egg to Eggs with surprise find out what surprise is hidden in the egg! If you like games and surprises, this application is perfect for you!

How to play?
– Drop an egg coin into the gumball machine, watch the surprise chocolate egg bounce!
Use your fingers to scrape the paper off the eggs and break the chocolate egg.
– Click on the egg capsule to get a surprise.

Surprise eggs are great, you never know what’s in that little chocolate egg! It’s always a surprise, what’s in a chocolate surprise egg or ice cream, have you ever eaten an egg with a surprise Eggs with surprise that you don’t like? All your favorite games within this game!

To play, just press Surprise Egg until it is completely broken and the hidden Evolution monster appears.

Every 10 stages (10, 20, 30, etc.), you will face a battle Eggs with surprise with the legendary monster Evolution to reach the amazing Golden Egg! More excitement in the search for the incredible golden eggs!
It is also possible to collect golden surprise eggs on the trophy (prize) screen.




How do you play egged game?

For this game you only fill one of the eggs with water. To fill the eggs you split them in half and using clean tap water you fill the bottom half of the egg. You then connect the top half and dry the egg so it is not obvious which ones are filled with water.

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