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Both adults and kids love such wonderful logic games as puzzles. After all, to play puzzles, or rather to collect puzzles - is very exciting and interesting, you need to have good memory and imagination for this. We present to your attention a new, amazing interactive game from the series developing games for children: "Live puzzles".
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August 18, 2020
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Live puzzles Both adults and kids love cool logic games like puzzles. After all, playing puzzles, or rather collecting puzzles, is very interesting and interesting, you need a good memory and imagination for this. We present to your attention an amazing new interactive game from the developmental

games series for children: “Living Puzzles”! download Live puzzles

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In this incredible game, you will have to fold puzzles and assemble from different parts: a spaceship, a police car, an ambulance, a helicopter and a truck, a motorcycle and a real train. And it doesn’t just add up. After each puzzle you collect, real adventures await you and your children. update

And now briefly about the main thing.
Pick up a rocket – you will fly to the moon in a real spaceship.
Once you have collected the car and have passed all kinds of Live puzzles obstacles, you will have to reach the goal and overcome the various obstacles.

Once the boat is folded, you will need to go fishing and catch all the fish you can carry.
After picking up an ambulance, you, as a true veterinarian, must treat all the animals that have a problem.
A fun locomotive will take you and your passengers to any station you want. But you cannot do without difficulties.
And much more.

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Game features and focus on them:
– Develop interest and help to know the world around us;
– development of fine motor skills and concentration;
Diligence development.
– help to study colors, shapes of objects and figures;
– Graphic design, intuitive interface and sound will satisfy you and your child.

It has never been more satisfying!

Here are some things that will make you fall in love with Jigsaw Puzzle:

1. An incredibly unique and interesting concept for solving puzzles. Live puzzles With the new approach to the game, the two tiles touched later switch places, giving the puzzles a good tone of challenge and making them twice as fun. Puzzle lovers are welcome!

Make puzzle online

2. All puzzles come to life when solved! They really do! As a fun surprise Live puzzles gift when you finish the puzzle, you will see your puzzle move, dance, or do something unique anyway. By solving the puzzle, you will make it alive!

3. Make your puzzle more challenging and flip and mix tiles. Just click on the tile to rotate it clockwise to place it in the original position, and then place it in the correct place. Really a big problem to solve for fancy pants!

4. Enjoy new puzzles every day! We make sure you never get bored of Live puzzles everyday high-quality puzzles and make mind training a part of your daily routine (and super fun).

5. Solve the puzzle categories that you like the most! Whether you are interested in landscapes or a fan of fantasy, we have prepared the type of content that you will like the most. Enjoy your favorite graphics type and style every day and say yes to a great moment of personal yet meaningful relaxation with what you love to see and solve.

6. Keep track of the puzzles you solve and feel free to pause them if you need to; they are always waiting for you at “my job” to come back and have fun.

In Art Puzzle, you will enjoy stunning hidden graphics that come to Live puzzles life when you try to put the pieces together. It is an exciting experience that completely renews the traditional concepts of adult coloring and puzzle games.

Art Puzzle is an amazing and very relaxing game. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop. And you can get rid of anxiety and boredom because there are countless pictures to color; Every beautiful image is impressive.

If you like games like digital coloring and puzzles, you will definitely love our app! In Art Puzzle, you must find the correct place for each piece of the puzzle. As a result, you will bring wonderful artistic stories to life.

Our coloring game includes a large collection of wonderful art stories. Live puzzles Each puzzle was created especially for Art Puzzle as a unique multi-layered piece of art. Many artists Live puzzles have created wonderful paintings to immerse themselves in the amazing world of magical stories. All images are hand painted with original patterns and techniques.

Designed as a relaxation game to eliminate anxiety, Art Puzzle gives you the opportunity to take a break and replenish your daily routine. At first glance, you might think it is a simple coloring game, but some parts are hidden. So get ready for the challenge. We have created a simple but challenging mirroring mechanism to enhance the gaming experience.




Can you do puzzle with friends online?

To complete a puzzle virtually with someone, choose any picture and set up a table of your own. Enter a nickname your friends will easily recognize and get going. You can also opt to create a custom puzzle by selecting Your Own Jigsaw and uploading a picture. You’ll receive a custom URL you can share with anyone.

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