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Nail salon is a game for young sharp dressers. This game, a sort of a beauty salon or a doll's house game, your child will definitely like. Children like
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December 2, 2020
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Nail saloon is a game for young nail designers. This game, a kind of beauty salon or dollhouse game, your child will definitely love it. Kids liked it
He dresses his girlfriends, gives them haircuts, nail polish and cooks. We are excited to introduce your children to our next game in the educational series. !Nail saloon download

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Games for children: nail salon.
It is time to play and have fun. Be a professional stylist! Impress your Nail saloon family and friends with your skills and competence. Result! apkpure

To them that their new beauty studio is the best in the world. And you are the best talented teacher in the world of manicure! And our salon gives you
What an opportunity. Use your imagination and create something Nail saloon unique! Make perfect nails, draw, cut and sharpen them in different ways.

The variety of nail shapes and lengths is huge in the game. The color scheme is diverse and there is an opportunity to experiment with patterns,
Stickers and rhinestones. You can also choose the most colorful and trendy nail stickers and draw amazing patterns. Put unusual ornaments,

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Experiment with colors and shapes. You can also apply your own Nail saloon pattern and paint each nail the color you want. It will be fun and unique in
In their own way! Use everything that modern cosmetics has to offer. Use all ranges of colors and shades. After all, the imagination has no limits. And when

You show your work to your friends and they will definitely listen to it – your baby’s manicure is the best they have ever seen!

1. Nails, toenails, toenails!
Feet, toes, hands and toes, if you can name them, they can fix them. Not all nails start out beautiful. That’s your business! Can you fix them all?

2. Build your own living room!
Ditch that old sofa and make it luxurious! From lamps to other equipment and furniture, can you make your living room one of the elite in the world?

3. Secret VIP clients
From time to time very exclusive people come to clean their nails. Can you attract them all? Do you recognize them?

4. Participate in the nail simulation
If you’re not out there, you don’t have to waste time getting your nails done. Nail saloon Enjoy spending time doing other people’s nails and remember what it was like for you. It’s almost like the real thing!

6. New features all the time!
New people, actions and drawings all the time! Check back every day for new rewards and perks!

Sit back and relax in this fun free time-wasting game! Nail Salon 3D is the # 1 nail art game. 1 that exists! Don’t miss a dull moment with this easy-to-learn, easy-to-play game that is nearly impossible to master. How are you? All right

Imagine that you are a well-known owner of a beauty salon and that Nail saloon your Nail saloon client is a pretty princess. She needs you to take care of her complexion, dedicate her to beautiful colors and, of course, give her a beautiful manicure with cute patterns for her nails.

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The first step in this type of makeup game is to use your cosmetics for the cosmetic treatment of the skin. Apply beauty cream and mask and do not forget about the eyes, you also need cosmetic care. For hair, use a good shampoo and you will finally see a very beautiful princess in your makeup salon.

The next level will give you the opportunity to demonstrate the skills of your Nail saloon makeup artist. What color should you use? Blue or yellow? Maybe the combination of red and blue can make your favorite princess look amazing. Try what you think will be beautiful for the beautiful princess. This lipstick will complement her beautiful makeup and make sure the lip color matches the makeup color.

After this part of the makeup games, you can go to the virtual nail salon to get more creative nails that you can try with your princesses.
There are many colors in your nail salon, so you can choose the one you like best, even a different color for each nail. Sounds good right? The elegant patterns will complement your nail salon sets and your client will be very happy.



What is the average price to get your nails done?

A basic manicure can start at as little as $20. Acrylics and gels start in the $40 range. Gels, dipping powders, acrylics, nail art and other additional specialty services can bring the prices up to nearly $100 depending on which basic service you choose plus the add-ons.

What is the best nail salon?

The top nail salons L.A. has to offer
  1. Olive & June. Health and beauty Nail salons Beverly Hills. …
  2. Base Coat. Health and beauty Nail salons Downtown Arts District. …
  3. Hammer & Nails. Health and beauty Nail salons Melrose. …
  4. Côte. Health and beauty Beauty salons Brentwood. …
  5. Beauty Box. …
  6. Alchemie Spa. …
  7. ES Nail. …
  8. Bellacures Brentwood.

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