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whatsapp gold is a metaphor for a messaging app between a lot of different mobile devices and operating systems that allows you to communicate with no need to pay for SMS and is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia. And yes, the program allows for correspondence between these mobiles regardless of the device, and since whatsapp plus gold uses the same Internet data plan that you use for e-mail and access to the web, there are no additional fees for writing and calling friends.

Features of whatsapp gold

● hidden ability.
● Privacy options.
● You can send a group chat to groups.
● Ability to hide all conversations.
● Auto Reply (You can automatically reply to received emails when you are busy)
● You can switch the program line about 30 lines.
● You can now turn off the internet from WhatsApp APK and keep the internet running inside other apps.
● You can upload a video of seven minutes instead of thirty seconds.
● Scheduled messages can be sent.
● You can retrieve the messages after they are sent, and the message will be deleted from all devices sent to it.
● You can disable automatic media uploading for each session.
● You can send messages or call numbers that are not saved on your phone, such as Viber.
● The ability to differentiate between group chat and regular chat.
● The ability to see who visited your profile or made a call.
● Ability to set whatsapp gold password lock .

whatsapp gold uptodown

● You can send a video of thirty megabytes instead of sixteen megabytes.
● You can send voice messages with an area of ​​one hundred megabytes instead of sixteen megabytes.
● You can send ninety pictures one time instead of ten.
● You can put the case in 250 letters instead of 139 characters.
● The ability to click on links without storing the numbers of the message sender and the owner of the group.
● Create statistics for groups.
● Check media without downloading.
● You can not show the name and date when you copy messages.
● You can copy the status.
● Ability to switch the appearance of the application and switch the application icon and notifications.
● Ability to download high quality and accurate images.
● The ability to stop answering calls from all people as you want.
● The ability to view messages from anyone in the group separately from other members’ conversations.
● The program sends a warning if your friend switches their profile picture and many other functions.

Download whatsapp gold APK

● The gb whatsapp gold app for Android is a modified Whats App application, which enables users to use many development content that whats app cannot provide.
● This program is one of the most popular Plus programs, and is used as an alternative program in the Arab world.
● It includes many features that differ from WhatsApp calls, as well as encrypted messages, not showing notifications and not showing the status of WhatsApp.
● In the past, the user used to look bad on the Internet, but after modification, even if he uses the program, the user can hide the appearance of the Internet, and you can install your last appearance in the program, and no contact can detect your presence or not.
● Photos and videos will not be displayed or played in the phone gallery.
● You can retrieve all deleted messages, get them and read them again, while others do not know whether the messages sent to you have been read or not. The modified Blue whatsapp gold update definitely contains many features, you can easily try it, just download the program from the specified site Then install it on your phone to start using it, just register your phone number to use it easily, without problems, and keep reading to understand the features of yo whatsapp gold apk.
Types of whatsapp plus 2 apk copies
● Green-WhatsApp GB This program is an advanced version of WhatsApp Plus, but it is intended to run another chip on the same mobile.
Blue Télécharger Whatsapp Gold is an official alternative product program and when installing it the official Whats App must be deleted, please review the installation instructions before performing any operations.
WhatsApp YO This program is an updated version of whatsapp plus download, but it is intended to run another chip on the same mobile.
What’s the difference between Plus and Formal?
● You can hide the last displayed time so that no one knows if you are online, and in normal Whats App, you cannot hide your status while online.
● You can send huge files without reducing the quality, but not in whatsapp gold.
● You can also use your favorite colors and types to change the font size and also its color Unlike Whats App, you cannot influence the font type, area and color.
● Whats App You cannot change the appearance and color of the application, while in whatsapp plus download apk you can change the interface style from many available themes.
● In Whatsapp Gold ipswitch, you can see the profile pictures of people you chat with in the group, but the opposite is true in Whats App.
● V Plus can unblock the old version of Whats App, and you can use Whats App in any country / region.
● In Plus, you can send 10 or more photos at a time, while in WhatsApp Gold old version , you cannot send more than 10 photos.
Using whatsapp gold plus, you can activate multiple numbers on the same mobile.

Why whatsapp gold APK?

● The blue version of whatsapp has many unique features, which number up to forty functions that are not found in the Whats App version
● official, and thanks to that, the Whats App has more functions to facilitate your daily work in the most famous social application in the world, and Whats App is considered one of the most famous social applications in the world.
● Communication applications Social networks are popular and used, which is why 2 billion or more users in the world use Whats App to contact relatives and friends.
● Download the blue Whats App Plus update and whatsapp gold comes with many themes, you can download the themes directly from the version, you can also download the stickers on WhatsApp Plus, after Whats App added to the stickers feature, most Whats App users made your own stickers in Whats App in Whats App Plus version you can easy to use sticker function.

How to update WhatsApp Plus 2021

● Download the WhatsApp Plus update, just download whatsapp gold, which is updated on the latest version of the official WhatsApp from the store.
● It does not require removing the old version or removing the official version of whatsapp, but the version works side by side with the official version without any mention of problems.
● You can use the other line on Whats App via the WhatsApp Gold for PC version without removing the official version of Whats App.

WhatsApp Plus disadvantages

• Finally, from the flaws of Whats Plus, to be very clear, there is currently no application, and there is no bug, so the possibility of a bug in Whats App Plus is also included, and one of the errors in whatsapp gold is under update.
As the developers are busy preparing the update and it contains the latest version which makes the update slow and writing messages, to a large extent via WhatsApp, leads to swelling and inflammation of the wrist tendinitis and this condition is called “juvenile tendinitis”, which can include teens, personality shaking as well as Excessive aggression, lack of attention, and unnatural stress.

What is the use of WhatsUp gold?

WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition gives managed service providers the ability to monitor remote client networks from a central location. End-to-end network management and monitoring for centralized, distributed, and mixed customer environments keeps service providers informed of the overall health of all networks.

4.8/5 - (102 votes)

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