Zombie Hunter Sniper: Last Apocalypse Shooter

How Price, Saturday, February 13, 2021

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Zombie Hunter Sniper Feel the action and beat this horror of this apocalypse in one of the best free zombie sniper shooting games. Enjoy this survival by being a zombie hunter and kill them in a first person shooter (FPS) game with 3D graphics.

Zombies walk among us! It is one of the few survivors of a pandemic infection. The zombie apocalypse began after a scientist dropped a vial of the virus in a secret laboratory. Despite the military lockdown, within a few hours, an outbreak of zombie infection reached the outside and now the living dead are on the rise, in search of food.

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As an elite sniper you have field shooting experience and trained in military strategy of survival war games. This might be your last day on Earth so escaping from your shelter and becoming a zombie hunter is your only hope for survival in this zombie apocalypse.

FPS Survival Game:
In this FPS game, you have to choose the best sniper rifle, load bullets, pull the trigger to open fire and hunt all the zombies in your way. Defend the helpless victims of this zombie apocalypse by shooting the undead before they transform too! zombie hunter sniper download

Stock up on your arsenal of snipers and be the best zombie hunter, choose and upgrade weapons, from sniper rifles to crossbows, bazookas, shotguns, assault rifles, pistols or machine guns. Play with your favorite weapons in this FPS zombie survival game.uptodown

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Hunt and kill all kinds of zombies: weak crawl undead or powerful super zombie that will put your observation, dexterity and shooting skills to the test in this apocalypse shooting mission. Search from hidden locations, find zombies and kill the target before it’s too late!

The qualities:
Kill the zombies before time runs out.
Upgrade your sniper rifle.
Shoot loot boxes with power ups.
Various apocalyptic survival action missions.
Survive the open battlefields of the apocalypse.
Various pistols and weapons.
FPS Survival Game (First Person Shooter).
Play offline or online.

Enjoy classic zombie shooting game. FPS action, horror and survival mixed in a sniper shooting game that will increase your adrenaline while you are a zombie hunter. Survive this zombie apocalypse. Reload your sniper rifle, practice your hunting skills and start shooting for survival.

Kill all zombies on your way!

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Can you be the best zombie hunter in this apocalypse? Improve your sniper / hunter skills in FPS mode, fight in open spaces and different levels in this horrific survival to discover horror story from day zero to day 180.
Urban city: Jacksonville
Camping: Caravan of the Dead
Amusement Park: Amusement Zombie
Coast: Puerto Muerto and Snow: Arctic Z.

Survive every time you shoot the best sniper rifle and show your first person shooting skills. Be a real zombie hunter and kill them all!

Enjoy shooting zombies anywhere! One of the best FPS games. Download Zombie Hunter free game to play different missions in open battlefields. Zombie Hunter is an online or offline first person shooter game that you can even play it safe away from apocalypse or fallout in an underground bunker!

Let the zombie shooting begin!


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