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All children, both boys and girls, love games about cars. Playing them, they imagine they are real drivers. And they don’t care - either it’s small car, or a lorry, or a modern high-speed sports car. Some children like races, some of them play a builder, others prefer repairing cars. Therefore, we present to your kids our new game from the series of educational games for children: Car Repair.
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August 15, 2020
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Car Repair All children, both boys and girls, love car games. Playing with them, imagine that they are real drivers. And they don’t care: it’s a small car, a pickup truck, or a modern high-speed sports car. Some children love racing, some play construction, others prefer to repair cars. So we present to your children our new game from the series of educational games for children: Car Repair. Car Repair download

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Young auto mechanic! It’s time to start! Their auto repair shop is very popular and a large number of cars in need of repair have already been assembled. Car repair is a very difficult and responsible task. After all, a mechanic is like a doctor, but for cars, a car crashes like a disease. So get to work as soon as possible!

Inspect all mechanic friends carefully. Look for all damage, scratches and rust, and replace broken parts. Wheel pumping, removing all spacers from the body by welding. Cabin and engine interior repair. Change the oil and refuel a full tank with gasoline. And don’t forget to wash your car well and polish it, then paint it in bold, attractive colors. After all, you still have to race in the big city. aptoide

We are glad to introduce you and your kids our new, fun and exciting game for young car drivers – Car Repair – Monster Truck.
Imagine: strong tracks from a sports monster, take part in dangerous competitions, show everyone that you are faster and stronger. Of course, after off-road racing, it needed a very, very serious overhaul. So you, as a true mechanic, are simply obligated to help them. That is why they need your auto repair shop, which they turn to for inspection.

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In our car repair game, you have to fix and clean machines. But to Car Repair do this, you will need the latest equipment with which you can repair the device, remove scratches, clean rust and dirt, remove holes and scratches, and repaint the car with new and brighter colors. You have to look at the heart of the car: under the hood, eliminate all the problems and give your four-wheeler friend new life.

In the end, you will have to install new and more attractive rims, stick colorful and shiny decals on your body, make your car more beautiful and attractive than it was before, distinguish it among other things and show it: it is your car.
During the game, your little one will be able to understand how to repair a car and learn it in practice, and do it in the form of a simple and understandable game, to acquire very basic and vital skills in vehicle repair in the modern way. it was. Life.

All of our car games for kids will impress your children with their bright, colorful Car Repair and fun graphics and will definitely not leave your child indifferent.
Learn a technique with a child; To do this, you must download and install our application for free on your phone or tablet. Our game will not leave you or your child indifferent, it will bring many joys and joys and will help you a lot in your free time.

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How do I make a car?
Car assembly is a modern game mode in this car game that is mainly about designing and building new cars for customers. Customers who claim parking will come to your auto shop. Design free racing cars, build according to customers’ requirements, and sell these drift cars to customers. Decorate your car with amazing vinyls and stickers in car games to make it more beautiful.

Car and engine repair:
In auto repair section of this car game 2020 you will repair drift cars and classic cars in Car Repair your car service stations. There are 7 different car workshops in this free game 2020 and you can enjoy all these games in car games.

Tire workshop and oil change:
At your car tire repair shop, you will repair and replace damaged drift car tires. Select free cars from the store to build this car and driving simulator. Car wash and repair games for kids provide the ultimate in the game, it is highly addictive for users of all ages.



How do I estimate car repairs?

How to Write an Auto Repair Estimate
  1. Select the auto repair template of your choice. A good template will help you gather just the right information that you will need for the job. …
  2. Thoroughly check the car or vehicle to be repaired. …
  3. Gather and record required and relevant information. …
  4. Analyze and calculate the damage. …
  5. Provide the total estimate.

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