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كم السعر, Friday, February 19, 2021

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Drop The Number 2048 is a super addictive number matching puzzle.
Show us how good you are among the other puzzles!
1024 2048 4096 8192 16384 … Drop and combine your numbers! Drop The Number apk

drop the number game online

. If it’s too difficult, check out the next set of numbers!
. It is the original number matching puzzle that you can easily play!
. 2048 The most popular and free combination numbers! It will disturb your mind.

The game will inform you of the next set of puzzles.
Kill time but it makes you smart in math
Show your global ranking and high scores on the leaderboard
The vibration system is applied when the blocks are dropped (see the pause button)
Simple and modern graphic design.
You don’t need wifi! Play offline or online! update

The playing field consists of four columns with five Drop The Number cells each. Tap the blank cells to throw a square in the column. The tile will fall off or even collide with other tiles. Tiles with two identical Drop The Number numbers Drop The Number will be combined into a square with a double number. In 2048 game mode, you can capture the tallest squares in columns and move them to another column, but no more than one piece at a time. When you collect the top tiles it moves to the square

Distributed and becomes the existing tile together with the existing tiles at that Drop The Number time. When there are two existing pieces on the spreader, the bottom tiles will land on the column it touches and the top tiles on another column, if possible. In 2048+ mode, you cannot capture the upper tiles by touching them. In 2048+ mode, adjacent symmetrical boxes will merge not only vertically, but horizontally as well.

drop the number mod apk

For laying tiles you will get bonuses. Use it to complete the objective of the Drop The Number game. To use the bonus, activate it by tapping and clicking the square to apply it. Brief description of the bonuses:
– Divide: Use this bonus to divide the chip number by 2. If you apply this bonus to piece 2, it will be removed, as this is the chip with the minimum number.

All you have to do is combine the numbers and get 2048. It is a different numbers game. You just need to control 5 column number decrease and merge the same numbers. You need to combine numbers to get bigger numbers and finally get the number 2048 or more than ever. The puzzle is really amazing.

How to play 2048 Charm:
Drag the screen to move the tiles left, right, up and down. When two tiles with the same Drop The Number number touch, they merge into one piece! On each pass, a new random board will appear in an empty place on the board with a value of 2 or 4. Move the squares to merge them, 2 + 2 → 4, 8 + 8 → 16 … 32 .. .256. .. 1024 … When 2048 pieces are created, you win! Play this great 2048 game and have fun!

2048 magic game modes:
Classic Mode: Classic (4×4), Large (4×4 +) AMD (2048 5×5) board Drop The Number options. 2048 Number Challenge mode is an improved version of the original 2048 game.
Click & Joy: Click on the square, the number +1 and create a new number with the adjacent squares. Get ready for a new 2048 puzzle challenge to get the best record!

Fall mode: place the falling tiles in the correct position. Two pieces with the same number will merge into one. This is an interesting mix of 2 classic logic puzzle games: Block Crush and 2048 Ultimate.
Party mode: click on the adjacent squares with the same number, all the squares will merge into one and their number will multiply. Explore the wonderful deep math logic challenge for your mind!

Blending mode: click on the empty place and the blocks will zoom in. Start playing this cool unlimited 2048 mode, match numbers and experience the cool math logic game.
Line mode: slide your finger to connect the same number, the more you mark, the more score you will get in the puzzle game. Compete with your friends to see who can achieve the best score.

Spin Number: Line up the numbers from small to large to generate a larger number. The longer the line, the more chances of winning the professional magic puzzle game 2048.
12 Legend mode: only 1 red token and 1 green token can be combined. 2. This is an entertaining 2048 mania game mode that will train your mind, have fun and make you think.



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