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Almost every kid at least ever dreamed of becoming a real hero and saving lives. And now you have such an opportunity. With great joy, we present our new game "Firefighters - Rescue Patrol".
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August 18, 2020
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Firefighters Almost all children dream of at least becoming a true hero and saving lives. And now you have that opportunity. It is with great joy that we present our new game “Rescue Patrol”. Download Firefighter

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When a fire breaks out and fire eats the earth, the bravest and bravest people, the firefighters, always come to the rescue. Our game will help you feel like a real firefighter, it will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this wonderful profession, it will show you the challenges and difficulties that professional firefighters face every day.

In our development game, you will find many difficulties and dangers to demonstrate your skill and dexterity. You will need to quickly equip the necessary tools with a fire truck and helicopter to put out fires and rush to where you need their help. update

So be a real firefighter, your city needs you. Let’s go on our wonderful fire rescue adventures. Play and complete all the fire rescue activities and experience the pride of becoming a brave fire team. Find out who your fire station is and track where to help you save people from the fire.

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And now, there was a warning sign, somewhere there was a big problem. Your fire truck is ready to go. Save the lives of the cute little animals in a burning house. Taking helicopter management away from rough sea for disobedient children facing dangerous situation and extinguishing forest fires is the most dangerous action

Difficult tasks, because the essential qualities of a true firefighter are responsiveness, organization and willingness to work.
Our games allow children to play the role of a real firefighter, teach them how to deal with fire, explain what fire safety and protection are and teach them how to act correctly in case of fire. In the future, these skills could help them.

A fire bell rings and firefighters head to the station. Woo-woo-woo! Listen to the sirens!

The residents of Dinosaur Island eagerly await rescue. Quickly! Get on the fire truck and rescue!

Your kids can be little dinosaur firefighters, driving the fire truck through the obstacles to reach the destination. Control the water gun, spray fire, put out the burning flame and save the trapped dinosaur and his little companion!

Simple game control, easy scrolling mode, and quick downloads allow kids to experience a sense of pride in becoming heroes!


You can download our fireworks for free. OK here you go! The alarm has sounded and the city is in trouble. Go rescue everyone who needs your help the most.




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