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Children's games have been replenished with yet another fascinating novelty. We present to your attention a new entertaining game - "Kids Airport Adventure".
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August 17, 2020
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Kids Airport Adventure The children’s games have been renewed with another great novelty. We present you a new entertaining game: “Kids Airport Adventure”. !Kids Airport Adventure download

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It is no secret to anyone that all children and adults love rest, and the best vacations are traveling around the world. Here and now many families of funny animals have gathered at the airport to get on a plane and go to one of the twelve interesting countries in the world, where they await a wonderful adventure. uptodown

While the funny animals wait for their flight, they have time to see first-hand how the airport really works.

After our entertaining passengers have chosen the airlines and the country for their recreation, they still have a lot of important things to do: buy plane tickets and get a visa for the country in which they want to relax. To travel safely and deliver your luggage, it will be necessary to register the suitcases in a special device and deliver the prohibited items for transport. Only after that, each member of the family will be able to put her bag on the conveyor belt.

After purchasing tickets and sorting luggage, kids will need the help of the pilots to sort and sift the plane, clean it of dirt, fix minor glitches, and then move on to exciting new adventures.

Our games for babies will help your children in the form of play to learn to count, develop color perception, memory, logical thinking, fine motor skills and attention. Children also learn the rules for carrying luggage and the rules for carrying hand luggage, that is, you cannot board a plane.

“Kids Airport Adventure” – This is just one of the developmental games for kids. We create love and care apps and free games that aim at the holistic development of your children, reveal their inner potential, as well as help children and you are interested, wonderful, fun, happy to spend your free time, good mood .

Meanwhile, our heroes are checking their flight on a tour to get a closer look at how things work, learn how airliners expand and land, and see how airplanes work in general. It is also necessary to put things in order: after all, the flight is safe – the airline strictly guarantees that prohibited items cannot be carried on the plane, because there are a lot of things on vacation. And it does it with the help of air. Quickly place your bags on the shipping strap!

Kids airport beautiful game

After your children, your children, check the trip, they make the Kids Airport Adventure trip for their children and they make the trip for their children, because they take off in a plane to repack properly and then they go to their places in the airplanes. .
Our new game “Airport” or the fair “Adventures at the airport”

One of the educational games that has been customized. Cautiously and Kids Airport Adventure lovingly … Help us have a good time. They will give a good mood. You just need to download our game on your phone and plane and embark on a long-awaited journey, where new adventures await you!

Try to put the correct number of bags on the conveyor belt. Do the same but in the appropriate color for the bags. And make travel safe so nothing ruins our adventures. Light up the bags with a special device. Try to know the things, packed in suitcases and suitcases. Sorting bags can be fun and exciting!

Plus, our free family games help players develop. The user learns to calculate and recognize the color of the object in an easy and comic way. Hippo will help and delight the players during the failure. The fingers will also be trained during the match! To send a hippo family on a trip, you need to carefully sort your suitcases and choose the right items, packed in bags. Our family games teach our users and make them happy.

We just have to download our totally free games and go on a long-awaited journey to take on new adventures.




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