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كم السعر, Friday, February 19, 2021

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Kingdom Wars Are you ready for a real fight?

The true emperor has fallen. We need a true hero, a true Lord who can unite Kingdom Wars kingdoms. Recruit heroes from different backgrounds, from dwarfs and mermaids to dark elves and steampunk robots, and rally your army in this magical world! Fight and conquer to establish your empire! downlaod Kingdom Wars

[Game Features]:

Build your own kingdom
Upgrade buildings, research, train your troops, level up your Kingdom Wars heroes, and lead your kingdom to prosper!

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Take advantage of troop formations
4 different types of troops and 6 different troop formations for you to choose from! Plan your formations, take advantage of the counterattack system and match your troops with the Kingdom Wars right heroes! Master your strategy to defeat your enemies!

Strong heroes are waiting
Create a mighty team of 5 fighting heroes through an RPG-style campaign! Let them lead your kingdom to glory as war generals!

Forge alliances
Join a guild to fight alongside your allies! Go to war together to conquer many exciting events: Guild Wars, Kingdom vs. Kingdom battles, Battle Royals, Wonder Wars, Darknest Invasions and more!

Online clash with global players
Fight with millions of players from all over the world and defeat those who stand in your Kingdom Wars way! Take the throne and rule them all!

Animated battles
Experience the thrill of war as your armies clash in beautiful 3D graphics! Watch your Kingdom Wars heroes unleash their abilities and tease their mysterious powers! aptoide

And the rules, my great Lord. You will walk on the remains of your enemies in a mission of total conquest! Of course you cannot forget your great help, Dragon! In this game, you can capture and execute dragons from other lords! In addition, we have launched the Kingdom vs Kingdom event, where you can join in to earn points and rewards! Prepare for the legend to end the chaos! Use different strategies to defeat your enemy and lead the invasion of your kingdom, you will become the king.


★ Global SLG Multiplayer Kingdom Game – Build a mighty army to conquer and Kingdom Wars form a mighty empire
Building development including the castle
Train soldiers to fight for you
Scouts before the attacks
Research techniques, especially military techniques, to obtain statistical Kingdom Wars reinforcements.
Send troops to collect resources.
Conquer and take on the Arena event with other players in this MMORPG to defend your castle and win prizes.

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★ Alliance
Join a guild or create your own clan and fight against players in an open world on your mobile device!
Real-time communication with players from all over the world.
Helping the league speed up the development process
Strengthening the ally

★ Defend your home
Create traps to protect your troops and dragons, defeat your enemies and defend the castle of your kingdom. The perfect military strategy requires good defense!

★ Dragon
He grew up with a dragon in the nest.
Dragon Team Rig
Lead the dragon in combat
Capture and run a dragon from others.
Give a reward for saving the captive dragon

Kingdoms Mobile is the latest innovative real-time strategy game from IGG, award-winning world composers Lords Mobile and Castle Clash.
● Lead your own team of brave heroes! Send them into battle with millions of troops!
● Fight infinitely unique battles wherever and whenever you want in a huge world of kingdoms!
● Master your strategy to survive! Only the most insidious players will win!

● Learn from your mistakes! Dynamic Battle Video Views – No boring battle reports!
● Create or join guilds full of players who share your goals and passions!
● Chat in any language! Communication is no longer a barrier with Kingdoms Mobile’s built-in translation tool!
● Take control of mighty cities as you become the ultimate ruler!
● Build your own castle and collect riches fit for a king!
● Only through strength, respect and loyalty will you win the ultimate fantasy strategy war!



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