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How Price, Friday, February 19, 2021

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Plane Control聽 Air traffic control for a busy airport. Landing planes and helicopters safely on runways at Aircraft Control. It is a great simulation game in which you can control all the planes in the sky. Set up the radar correctly and let’s get started!

Your goal is to observe every flight around the airport and plot the helicopter landing and landing path. It may seem easy at first, but as you progress, more and more planes will be on the way! Be vigilant, do not cross the landing paths. Otherwise, the planes can collide. download Plane Control

Some features of the airplane simulator:
Mechanics is easy
Simple and colorful graphics
Various levels to explore
Difficult landing strips

We wish you safe trips!


plane control area

Take a look at what some of the basic displays and switches on the aircraft’s Plane Control dash do.

In the cockpit of a commercial airplane there are hundreds and hundreds of dials, knobs 聽switches, and displays. In order for pilots to fly, they need to study large manuals containing fats that describe what they are doing.

Different aircraft models have different operating Plane Control systems, so the controls are slightly different. To be able to pilot a new model, a pilot needs comprehensive knowledge 聽or even specialized training. Plane Control

Note: Here we focus on the cockpit dash. Onboard manual shifting equipment, including pedals, handle, and throttle, is located under the dash.

plane control mod apk

This infographic depends on the type of airplane 聽 that is common; These are the main tools you see on the motherboard: update

The basic flight display includes all important flight information, including location (the direction of the aircraft relative to the horizon), airspeed, 聽altitude, vertical speed, and yaw. It allows the pilot to know how the plane is positioned and how it is moving through the sky.

This display combines information that used to be read on classic aircraft models from six different analog instruments on a single display. This improves the pilot’s awareness of conditions.

The navigation screen is placed next to the main flight screen and displays the current aircraft route and information about the next lane point, along with the current wind speed and direction, along with other information necessary for navigation.

There are two sets of main cruising and sailing offerings – each captain and co-pilot has two groups. This little indicator tells pilots the atmospheric pressure value they should use to adjust the altimeter so that it correctly indicates the altitude of Plane Control the aircraft. It is important to maintain the calibration of the environment with the help of air traffic control. An incorrect altimeter setting could cause the aircraft to accidentally fly at the wrong altitude, which could, in the worst case, lead to mid-air collisions.



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