Space Adventures: Flight to the Moon


Each of us has ever dreamed of flying into space. Now you have such a wonderful opportunity. We present to your attention a new development game for kids - "Space Adventures: Flight to the Moon".
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August 21, 2020
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Flight to the Moon Each of us dreams of flying in space. Now you have a great opportunity. We present to your attention a new developmental game for children: “Space Adventures: Journey to the Moon”.
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People turned their gaze to the starry sky and dreamed of revealing all its secrets. They are especially attracted to a very close planet, but at the same time mysterious: the Moon.
Well, young astronaut, get ready for launch. uptodown

Your spaceship is folded up and ready to go.
This interesting, fun and colorful game was created especially for young pioneers. In it, your children will have to build their own flying rocket and plow.

Large spaces in it. But your journey will be very difficult. In space, you will be involved in many surprises and dangers.
During the flight, you will encounter many meteors, which you will have to skillfully dodge. You will also have a space accident with you

As a true interstellar open space mechanic, you will make repairs to your spaceship, have a little general cleaning of outer space, fix the failed lunar equipment and go into battle with the evil little maniacs.
Our educational games for children are good because they help your children in a fun way to develop the necessary qualities.

The perception and memory of the color of life, fine motor skills, logical thinking and attention, and this game also belongs to the category – reaction game. With it, your child Flight to the Moon will never be bored.
All you need is to download our space games and embark on a space journey to face dangers and fun adventures.

Discover rare and important documents documenting human exploration of the moon. Play the gun with it on your smartphone or tablet and open it in full screen.

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– Play 3D models of popular spaceships like the Saturn V rocket and see it from all angles with your device.

How does it work:
Once you hit the play button on the app’s home screen, simply browse the interactive pages of your tasks in the Book of the Moon through the app. Look for pages with interactive icons. If you don’t already have the book, tap the play button on the app’s home screen and wait 20 seconds for a link to a retail page outside of the app where the book can be purchased.

In each mission you have a limited amount of fuel, so you must be careful Flight to the Moon when using propulsion engines or main thrust engines.

When you reach the maximum space, it is advisable to turn off the Flight to the Moon engine to save fuel. During space flight, you will be able to observe beautiful galaxies and stars! the closest one

For the moon, the stronger is the gravitational pull of the moon. The sound will alert you when you are near the moon. You will have to use the main thrust motors to slow down and avoid hitting the moon or you will simply have to fly close to the moon and deploy the satellite. After the satellite is deployed, you will have to monitor it and if it begins to orbit the moon, the mission will be successful.

You are facing the moon. As you will always know, it will be someday.

“A very friendly concept with a lot of personality and an amazing amount of nuance.” – Arcade touch
“Anyone can watch and enjoy the game.” – Modogo
“I had a lot more fun than I expected, which is not easy for a casual free arcade game.” – 148 applications




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