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كم السعر, Friday, February 19, 2021

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Carrom King ™ is a classic board game played with friends, family, and children. Pot coins in pockets.

Carrom or Karrom game which is Indian version of billiards or billiards, play in easy to play multiplayer platform game, play all the coins before your opponent wins. Carrom King ™ has two challenging game modes, Freestyle and Black and White. Carrom King download

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Carrom King ™ from the developers of Ludo king ™, the number one game ever! The game that rules the hearts of mobile phone players around the world! apkpure
Like Ludo King ™, Carrom King ™ also prioritizes game originality with easy-to-use controls, stunning 3D realistic graphics and great physics that give you all the feeling and excitement you get from playing carrom with your family and friends.

Exciting features
Multiple game modes
★ Compete with world-class players in Online Freestyle and Black & White mode
★ Join millions of players from around the world
★ Interact with other players by sending emojis and messages.
★ Challenge the opponent again for a rematch.
★ Game Resume Features
★ Progress through multiple lobbies to the top
★ View your opponent’s statistics

Play with friends
★ Connect with your Facebook friends and challenge them online or invite your friends to play in a private room by sharing the room code.

Offline single player mode
★ Play against the computer and challenge artificial intelligence
★ Play Trick Shots in an amazing time-bound mode with different levels to challenge your skills. Trick spike placement helps you master carrom moves with some really challenging levels to test your skills and reactions.
★ Play with your family and friends in scroll and play mode

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For those who do not know the carrom, it is a game of strike and pocket similar to billiards or billiards. Here in carrom (also known as karrom or carom) you will use your finger to shoot the pieces.

The controls are intuitive for any player. You will aim and shoot at the disc using multi-touch gestures. The game includes a quick and complete tutorial so that you know all the controls.

The game simulates the physics of chrome with precision. You can experiment with the zigzag shots that you used to play with the carrom board.

Challenge your friends in one-on-one matches and show what you deserve!

Carrom Board King is a fun backgammon game for all ages. Put coins in the pockets.

The Indian maharaja used to play karum or karum, which is an Indian version of billiards or billiards. In it, you must use the front to put coins in the pocket. Can you play as the maharaja? Can you beat your opponent and the queen’s bag?

carrom king in india

Now a minting system has been added. Play and win coins.

Play Carrom Board King 3D in freestyle mode and use black or white coins, each coin will give you points and the one with the most points will win.

Or play more precisely in black or white mode where you only need to place white coins or just black coins. The first to put in all his coins wins.

The queen is the most important currency in the game. It is worth only 3 points. However, in order to carry the queen, you must also provide her with a cover. This means that you should put a coin in his pocket immediately after putting the queen in his pocket. Can you put the queen in front of your opponent?

Equipment and rewards
★ Kick off the Carrom King journey with exclusive frames and discs and show off your style.
★ Queen Deck to open a new chest and get rewards. The takeout is unmatched for Carume fans!

Looking for hours of non-stop fun on your phone? Install Carrom King ™ now and play India’s favorite board game from the Ludo King ™ developers.
keep in mind! Carrom King ™ is free to download and play on devices with in-app purchases.



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