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Faily Brakes 2 Let’s start racing at high speed in Faily Brakes 2 Car Crash! You have to stay behind the wheel for as long as possible and not crash the car. Watch out for cars that will try to hit you! Smash them all, survive as long as possible on the road and win the demolition derby. Get ready and take part in the race for survival! Faily Brakes 2 apk

Choose your car:
Owning the best car is the only way to survive the death race. Get the maximum number of points for the race, collect coins and unlock new cars. There are cars of different classes in the game! Choose a suitable one with unique characteristics and optimize its performance! You can increase engine power, strengthen body armor or install a machine gun on the roof. Upgrade your car and defeat them all in the arena.

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A high road and trying to control the car, but the car has a brake Faily Brakes 2 failure in the confusion that you are trying to stop your car, but on the road you have to face mountains and trees in the Faily Brakes 2 form of obstacles in an attempt to avoid collapse because if it happens that your car will crash and it will crash and the game will fail. In this car physics based game you have to maneuver with endless dangerous mountain slopes like cactus, rocks, traffic and trains resulting in some funny fun near bugs and accidents. You have to clear the levels and earn a bonus to avoid crushing.

This game depends on sudden failure of the brakes, in which case you have to control your car and yourself as well. The environment of this game is based on desert, offroad, nature and much more in this game you will face traffic and trains too. Dozens of levels are included in this game

Fight enemies while you race side by side on the road in Faily Brakes 2 this exhilarating shooting game. Just tap your screen to fire your weapon and drag your finger to aim. Blow up enemy vehicles piece by piece and wipe out the enemy shooters to make them out of control and explode! update

Be careful to avoid enemy fire and be sure to dodge before other vehicles hit you. If you take major damage, your car will be the one to explode! The better your shooting and driving skills, the more money you will get inside the game!

Pimp your journey

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No car game is complete without customization, and Desert Riders is no exception! Choose a booster at the start of each level to add cool additional weapons, armor and health before you hit the street and bring the heat.

Take customization to the next level by saving currency to unlock tons of new cars and interchangeable parts in the garage. And remember to get a great new paint job while you are at it!

Game features

★ This action packed shooting game combines easy-to-learn controls with challenging targets.

★ Eliminate enemies in all kinds of vehicles, from motorbikes and sports coupes to police cars and armored trucks. To get extra cash, eliminate enemies as you drive around buildings in slow motion! Raise the Kill level to complete levels, and score extra points for Well-Shot Shots!

★ As you progress, you’ll travel through different apocalypse worlds with different terrains! See if you can prove your skills at particularly challenging levels of manager.

Use of reinforcement:
During the death race, you will find many items and improvements on the road: collect missiles, use NOS and other equipment to destroy your enemies’ cars and stay as long as possible in the race!

In Faily Brakes 2 you also have a chance to improve your character’s gear! Change the outfits of your hero and make him the most resistant to damage, blows, explosions, destruction and super speed!

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Overcoming obstacles:
Avoid the police! They will hunt your car and try to catch you! Hurry to get away from the cops!

<b> Features of Faily Brakes 2:
– Multiple tracks
– Various cars
– Great graphics and effects
– Easy controls
– Realistic car destruction
– Special bonuses

If you like racing and car wrecking games then Faily Brakes 2 is a great choice for you!

Press the install button now and place the pedal on the metal!



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