Splashy Tiles: Bouncing To The Fruit Tiles

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Splashy Tiles Slide your fingers to control the bouncing ball with the most challenging music game: Splashy Tiles: Bouncing To The Fruit Tiles! Splashy Tiles apk

Try not to drop the fruit plates. Easy right?

Finish the song to unlock EDM songs and hottest Trap and Fruit Skins songs.

How far can you jump to the beat?

Forget about black and white tiles, Splashy Tiles Forever is now more challenging and easier to play Splashy Tiles than its predecessor. But it is difficult to master.

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Don’t miss this chance to try this amazing, awesome, great and challenging new special game.

The fruit tile game is specially designed for kids, adults, girls, boys and friends. In this amazing 3D fruit matching game, you have to match 3 or more pieces of fruit of the same color and shape by placing them on the Splashy Tiles same line. Earn points by popping squares of fruits of the same color. Make longer chains and a larger mix of 3D colored fruit tiles to

More points. Explode the fruit in 3D, get 3 stars in each level and use the power of the fruit bomb to explode the fruits. In Best Fruit Match 3D – Fruit Tile Matching Games 2020, find the best fruit harvest match match. Fruit Splash puzzle game contains up to 300 levels for you to play anywhere, anytime 🕘.
How to play Fruit Match 3D – Fruit Tile Matching Games 2020

Match and match 3 or more identical fruits of the same color to get rid of them.
The more fruits you deliver, the more points you will get and enjoy the best fruit matching game.
If you match fruits, your score will be deducted by -10 points.
Up to 300 challenging levels and many game accessories.
In happy fruit blast game, vertical power-ups can remove fruits in a row.
Fruit Bomb Bomb can eliminate fruits around. aptoide

3D Hop EDM Rush Magic Tiles! Music Game Forever is a musical ball Splashy Tiles game in which you can find yourself in dual mode as a player and a singer. Pink Piano Tiles hopes, in one sentence, to be completely free word games with everlasting music game effects forever. To make this game more attractive and addictive for lovers,

Dazzling tiles, icons, screenshots, neon effect environment, etc. Splashy Tiles Specially designed to make the game more realistic and realistic.
Have you ever played EDM chips with soulful music? If not, this is a good opportunity to have fun. While playing dance ball, fans can tap the tiles with a small ball to listen to different types of musical competition, from Splashy Tiles beautiful guitar and piano songs to KPOP and EDM masterpieces. Listen safely to Marshmallow’s new Joytime album! EDM, Rap, Hip Hops, Rock, Pop etc You can play all the hit songs in one game, we will release new songs and characters soon.

The game does not teach you anything new, but it will be an excellent load for your thinking. In this game you can quickly and rationally apply all your skills and make decisions.

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Game rules :

Touch the tiles rotated 90 degrees. It is necessary to form solid images of the fruit in the areas where the tiles come into contact.

Snow stands can defrost frozen dice.
Sweet and salty user interface, cool animation effects and new themes.
Play fruit tile matching game with friends and have fun.
Fruit Match 3D: Features of Fruit Tile Matching Games 2020

Easy, fun to play and challenging fruit tile master game.
Fruit tile matching game is easy to play and control and has great graphics. The best challenging game ever.
Incredibly simple and straightforward gameplay.
Without Internet? No problem! You can play 3D fruit matching game offline.
Nice collection of happy fruit tiles and endless journey of 3D fruit matching games.



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