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كم السعر, Friday, February 19, 2021

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Song hop is a musical ball game in which you can enjoy the exciting musical ball. Along with the rhythm of the music, try to play with precision to create a new melody and let your ball jump the tiles to get the maximum number of jumps. Song Hop apk

Come join the musical adventure in the world of mosaics with us. This game is Song Hop very easy to play and addicting.

You will definitely love these features: (♥ _ ♥)

Have you ever heard of tile dancing to electronic music? Tile Jumping: Dazzling Electronic Dance Music! You can play different types of music, from beautiful piano and guitar songs to electronic rock and dance.

How to play

1. Touch, hold and drag the ball to jump over the tiles.
2. Don’t miss the chips!
3. Now you can download your own songs to play
4. Enjoy great music and amazing challenges designed for each song.

The ball will jump according to the rhythm. Hear magical beats, follow the beats, and use your musical responses to guide the ball from tiles to squares. Don’t click! This is not a squeeze game.
Don’t forget to play cool combos and skip your friends’ points!

Amazing Songs + Ball Game + Tiles = Awesome
Game features
– One touch control, easy to play
– Amazing 3D graphics and effects.
– More than 30 very beautiful and fun songs to relax.
– More than 20 different backgrounds to bring you new experiences every time you play! update
– Collect beautiful surfaces for your dance balls.

tiles hop mod apk unlock all song

– Beat the high score and be brave by inviting your best friend to a challenge.
– Share your record with friends and compare it with Song Hop players Song Hop from all over the world on the leaderboard!
– Link Facebook account and sync saved progress across multiple devices

1. Upload your own songs.
2. Offline rhythm game where you can click from key to key.
3. Free music game where you can choose your favorite Song Hop genres like EDM and Hip-Hop.
4. High-quality loops, rhythms, soundtrack.

5. Unique tracks in folk genres (drum and bass, dubstep, house, trap and DJ music)
6. A stunning 3D world with equalizer and mosaics like a DJ plate.

How far can you tile? Free songs and great gifts await you!

What’s new in it?
New popular music songs have been added and now you can play different kinds of music online, from the best piano beats to guitar, rock and EDM songs.

How to play
The only challenge is keeping the ball bouncing on the jukebox Song Hop while listening Song Hop to the Song Hop decreasing beat, but it’s definitely not an easy musical game. Don’t miss out on the chips! Follow the rhythm, be in control, create cool combos, and watch the ball roll.

Hop Tiles is made with songs for lovers of Hindi, Hindi or Tamil songs and I am sure you will be satisfied with our collection of games.

Test yourself how to solve puzzles with EDM Tiles, the best songs of DJ Tiles Hop Alan Walker
You can play different types of music, DJ, Rock, Piano, Guitar, and EDM.

song hoping and wishing

Game rule:

1- Choose your favorite song from the playlist
2- Slide the screen to jump the balls to the color of the tiles, jump the ball on it, control it carefully and enjoy the rhythm!
3- Try not to fall off the tiles
4- Jump the ball over them, control carefully and enjoy the blows
6- Unlock new songs on the jukebox

Go! Put your reflexes and jumping skills to the test! See the surprises and wonders that each level has in store for you. Color Hop 3D is a ball game that allows the ball to jump tiles to the end of the color path. This free game will create a whole new experience for fans of ball games.

Game rule:
Slide your finger across the screen to jump balls of the color of the tiles, jump the ball on it and control it carefully and enjoy the rhythm. Keep calm and go as far as possible in this ball game! Color Hop 3D is the latest ball game from Amanotes that makes you want to play all the time.



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