A pungent stench surfaces as a powerful force takes control... Evil incarnate. Their obsessive training rituals and sickening brainwashing practices have become aggravated. They chant “Purge the scum! Crush the weak!” until daylight. Innocent lives are taken at a frightening pace and once-loyal soldiers turn to the dark as a barbaric army quickly gains power.
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February 1, 2021
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Warpath A pungent smell like a powerful force that dominates … Evil is incarnate. His obsessive training rituals and nasty brainwashing practices have been exacerbated. They sing, “Clean up the scum! Crush the weak!” Until sunrise. Innocent lives die at a terrifying rate and formerly loyal soldiers are turned into darkness as a barbarian army rapidly gains power. apkpure

Only a courageous leader can forge a Warpath unique war path for freedom and justice! Train your soldiers and equip your army with powerful units suitable to face the raven. It is your decision, you are in control. Strategy is Warpath the key.


Warpath APK

# Your own army #
Maximize your units! Lock and load your favorite WWII arsenal and build a war-ready army on a global battlefield. Customize your units by assembling, disassembling, modifying and improving the weapons of your choice. Select infantry, tanks, artillery, tank hunters and rocket launchers … Endless battle sets come together for each battle.

# Global alliances #
Join the warriors from around the world! Unleash your strategy by targeting the enemies. Transfer your bases to build, occupy strategic locations, and expand your territory. Dominate the battlefield to gain strength and build more forces against enemy targets.

# Anti-smooth PVP #
Non-stop action! Interact with fluid movements and mechanics, send each of your units in independent directions and attack enemies with maximum force. Join your allies and attack enemies with suppressing fire.

# Historical campaigns #
We run real campaigns! This time lead your units, sending them across rugged terrain and cityscapes to track and defeat the enemy. Along the way you will meet allies who will make the interaction more dynamic as you complete goals and progress towards more difficult missions.

# Interesting history #
A puzzling plot! Each chapter takes a different direction, with attractive twists in the plot of the cinematic game. As you unlock the new features, you will see more dialogue along the way.

# Lovely characters #
Each role adds a personal touch! The handsome deputy Percy, the veteran Jack Spanner, the fierce white wolf, the seductive spy Bloody Mary, the muscular artillery captain The Eruptor, the loving angel of light and the revered guard of truth – all are here for you to command the units of your choice. Don’t forget to visit seasoned Australian Sergeant Ned Taylor to open chests and purchase new units.

# Beautiful landscape #
Large and varied maps! Explore the terrain and use it to your advantage, whether it’s snowy fields in a blizzard, mountains glistening in the sun, or river and bridge crossings, choose your path and enjoy the scenery. You can quickly zoom in and out and teleport to different cities around the world with your allies.

Warpath APK MOD

Do you have what it takes to fight the raven and liberate nations around the world? Will your army prevail and will your tactics succeed? Every day brings new campaigns, officers, allies, units, and combat objectives. Great rewards are earned, their base buildings are taller and they gain durability. Explore the area, collect resources, unlock more tanks, interact with more allies, move to new cities around the world, and summon undercover experts and weapon professionals to support your call.

The game received “mixed” reviews on both platforms according to review aggregating site Metacritic. [14] [15] It was postponed several times from its original release date of March 21, 2006, and began to garner better press reviews during its development, but continued to receive mixed reviews. People who played the game or demo thought it was a fast-paced shooter. In IGN’s words:

warpath apk mod unlimited money

“While WarPath isn’t doing anything blatantly wrong, it fails to do anything new. Charging through the frequent metal corridors of each level will be very familiar to anyone who has played many first-person shooter games. A remarkable artificiality, for so if this person is

going to play, they must be online. After many hours of play, some weapon balance issues will arise, especially with the Vibro Blade during close fights. Vehicles are included, but are generally useless because the Stages are small A lot. A greater variety of game modes and more interesting maps might have helped, but ultimately, WarPath doesn’t stand out much from the rest of the shooters out there. Upgradeable weapons are a nice feature, but nothing will interest you. players for a few hours.

Leader! Your soldiers are waiting for your orders!


What's new

1. New Features: Army Group
2. New Features: Community
3. New Features: Alliance Ladders
4. Other Optimizations
5. Bug Fixes


What are the Warpath game apk world?

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