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كم السعر, Friday, February 19, 2021

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Dunk n Beat combines a carefully selected music collection with the famous sport – basketball – to create an experience you have never been through before! Dunk n Beat download 

Featuring different stages of increasing difficulty to unlock new balls and popular songs. The key is not only to let your ball drop out of the basket zone but also play to the music. Listen to the beat and the melody, and afterward, you will find yourself into “zone”.

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Come on! Test your sports skills and dunk skills! See the surprises every level holds for you. Swipe the screen to control the basket and drop into the zone, the more you keep the ball fall exactly the more extra lives you get! Keep calm and dunk as much as possible in this basketball game!

Idle game rules:
Swipe and hold the basket to get the ball dunk into the zone. Do not drop the ball out! Dunk the ball as much as you can in this ball game.

Idle game features:
1. Original background music
2. Multiple levels of increasing difficulty ball game
3. Very simple idle basketball game with only one finger swipe
4. Numerous popular song and ball stars on fire

How to be a Dunk Master:
1. Hold the basket like hold your partner and move the basket Dunk n Beat like a dancing queen
2. Focus on the ball stars and try to dunk as much as you can
3. Follow the movement of the ball stars, especially the fireball. Do not miss it! aptoide

5. Challenge your friends to see who is the Dunk Master in this ball game

Written with music written in the world’s wonderful rhymes, and the Dunk n Beat distinctive Dunk n Beat distinctive audio-visual effects, it makes a point-and-win fun for all people. We will embark on a journey of an unforgettable musician, and play sterilizers. Corrected!

How to play
The point is the point and you listen to the rhythms and play the Dunk n Beat music you can get the higher score and the more diamonds. Move your fingers to try it.

Main Features
Easy, everyone can be the owner of the game
The fast paced game makes it impossible to stop playing
With addicted rhythm, challenge your friend with a higher score
Completely free-skins unlock more mysterious
Play your favorite song
PK mode

dunk n beat mod apk android 1

Play your favorite song
You can play your own songs in the game! Is not this
Is the best way to relax is to play the game and listen to your Dunk n Beat favorite songs?

How to be a Basketball Master:
1. Don’t missing any ball.
2. Try to get Swish☄️ and more Combo which give super scores.
3. Avoid the bombs💣

Once you complete one round, it will speed up to become harder and you get one.
This will make the game hard if you want to score for every song. Try your best.

In this music game 3 modes are provided. You can choose easy/hard/endless mode.

In this music game, as you can enjoy the dunking with beat jump, you are also provided Dunk n Beat to many different basketball you can choose, from normal base one to new colorful balls.

Tap to bounce like flappy games Dunk n Beat and score as many dunks as possible before the timeout. Dunkz is destined to be a smash hit so try it for FREE!
In this endless basketball game, get on fire with a sequence of swish (a shot which goes through the net without hitting the rim or backboard) and win more points. Be careful of airball (a shot that fails to hit the rim or backboard)

So just one goal: shoot hoops and slam dunk trying do not hit the rim or backboard to get more points!



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